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Terms and conditions

1. The GameMaster is always right.

1.1 This server is free. Accordingly, the administration is engaged in exclusively own funds exclusively and on their own.
1.2 maintaining operability of the server is not a priority for the administration.
1.3 Based on the above, the administration does not guarantee the performance of the server as well as the safety of the information on it and the continuation of work on it.
1.4 Administration as able to solve problems, but does not give any guarantees.

2. Administration policy:

2.1 Ignorance or misunderstanding of the rules does not exempt from liability for their violation.
2.2 all amendments to the regulations shall be retroactive, unless otherwise specified.
2.3 the legal System of the server is not precedential, that is the existence of a precedent does not guarantee its repetition.
2.4 the administration of the server does not guarantee reliable operation in the provision of services, and is not responsible for damage that may be caused to users due to failures in the communication lines, incorrect use of the services provided, software defects and other actions that may lead to unwanted situations.
2.5 the provider is not engaged in matters related to selling and buying characters, items of game equipment.
2.6 the Administration reserves the right to dispose of all game objects on all accounts at its discretion.
2.7 Prohibited buying/selling game valuables for real money.
2.8 Prohibited from buying/selling/exchange of characters, even for play money.
2.9 it is Forbidden to exchange game values between servers.
2.10 all accounts belonging to the same player may be subject to sanctions for violation of the rules on one of them.
2.11 an Attempt to violate the rules may amount to a violation.

3. The administration reserves the right:

3.1 Refuse to provide services without explanation.
3.2 to Evaluate the actions of users and impose any sanctions on them in cases not provided for by these rules, if it deems it necessary.
3.3 to Consider and decide on collective requests from users.
3.4 make changes to these rules without the consent of the users.
3.5 Make changes to the operation of the server, services and services, at its discretion.

4. Characters and accounts:

4.1 at registration it is necessary to use the valid e-mail. Accounts with a non-existent address can be deleted without warning.
4.2 the names of the characters should be meaningful, readable and pronounceable.
4.3 Use of pseudochirulus and other perversions is not recommended.
4.4 Write the names according to the grammar of the English language. First letter of name is uppercase, the rest lowercase.
4.5 Prohibited obscene callers, harassing, or disturbing the game process names or titles.
4.6 it is Forbidden to use the names, titles and names, NPC names, character of the administration (or similar) and the names on the list of prohibited use.
4.7 the owner of the account is fully responsible for everything that was done from under his account.
4.8 sharing your account is Prohibited, as is transferring your account to another person.

5. Gameplay:

5.1 it is Forbidden to perform any actions that could disrupt the gameplay or lead to unstable server. It is also forbidden to conceal information about such actions.
5.2 Prohibited swearing, profanity, insults, threats, extortion, blackmail, sexual harassment, incitement of ethnic, inter-class or inter-racial hatred etc. etc.
5.3 it is Forbidden to impersonate the server administration.
5.4 it is Prohibited to demand from other players information that they deem confidential.
5.5 Prohibited disrespectful appeal to the administration server. Challenging the actions of the administration is allowed via the forum.
5.6 Prohibited from dissolving rumors, misinformation about administration server, as well as and about other players.
5.7 it is Forbidden to block the aisles.
5.8 it is Forbidden to beg, pester with requests for other players or the administration server.
5.9 Prohibited flood and spam, writing one word per line, writing all words in upper case, the repetition of a single line, advertising and publicity.
5.10 Communication in clan/group chat is regulated by the leader of the clan/group. Compliance with paragraph 5.2 of the rules in these channels is not controlled by the administration.
5.11 any type of fraud is Prohibited.
5.12 the use of software or hardware that emulates the presence of a player in the game or disrupts the normal operation of the server SOFTWARE is Prohibited.
5.13 Forbidden to write about leaving the server, or to encourage other players to quit the game.
5.14 About the game flaws are allowed to write only on the forum, under tech support, in compliance with the rules of the section.

6. Forum:

6.1 in the sections of communication you can use only Russian language, for conversations in English section created General Discussion. Communication in other languages and transliteration is prohibited.
6.2 Prohibited swearing, profanity, insults, threats, extortion, blackmail, sexual harassment, incitement of ethnic, inter-class or inter-racial hatred and so forth and so on.
6.3 Prohibited flood and spam, writing one word per line, writing all words in upper case, the repetition of a single line, advertising and publicity.
6.4 Prohibited from dissolving rumors, misinformation about administration server, about other players.
6.5 it is Forbidden to spread media content that violates these rules.
6.6 discussion of the moderation of the forum is only valid in the PM with the administration of the forum.
6.7 it is Forbidden to write messages or create topics during the current ban on the posting or ban.
6.8 Discussion of moderation in-game chat allowed only in specially created for this theme.
6.9 Prohibited the publication of game accounts (username, email, password). This prohibition does not apply only in the account Problems section.
6.10 the Total weight of the images in the signature should not be more than 1MB.

7. Communication with the administration server.

7.1 Ask questions recommended on the forum.
7.2 When dealing with representatives of the administration server, the player must briefly, clearly and without using slang to talk about their problem or answer to the questions.
7.3 it is Prohibited to ask the administration to do anything that is not part of his duties.
7.4 in answering the questions of the administration is prohibited withholding information, lying, misrepresentation.
7.5 it is Forbidden to call the administration without reason, to create obstacles and to distract from performance of duties.
7.6 the Administration doesn't answer questions on gameplay.
7.7 Spelling, grammatical, and stylistic errors in an address to the representatives of the administration are considered especially heinous insult.

8. In case of loss of game values:

8.1 If it happened due to a security breach or internal server error the administration of possible return items to the victims.
8.2 In the event of a breach of paragraph 4.8 (sharing account), the administration is not responsible.
8.3 For voluntary administration is not responsible.
8.4 the Administration is not responsible for items lost in the transmission by throwing to the ground.

9. In case of violation of the server rules, the server Administration may apply the following sanctions to the game accounts of violators:

9.1 account Deletion - Delete from server account with all its characters. Can be applied to all accounts of the player at once.
9.2 Delete character - Delete from server the character is on the account.
9.3 ban account-temporary or permanent blocking the use of the account. Can be applied to all accounts of the player at once.
9.4 Confiscation of property - Complete or partial confiscation of property with the character or all characters belonging to the player.
9.5 Blocking access from a specific computer. Can be applied to all accounts of the player at once.
9.6 Other actions.

10. If you violate the rules of the server and the forum, the Administration server may apply the following sanctions to the forum accounts of violators:

10.1 Deletion of forum account.
10.2 Deleting messages there account.
10.3 issuance of a temporary or permanent ban on postinga of forum account.
10.4 Temporary or permanent entry ban to the forum with there account, or IP addresses to the forum (ban).
10.5 Sanctions listed in paragraphs 9.1 to 9.6
10.6 Other actions.